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About Jonathan Medina

Jonathan grew up in the lowest income community in the United States in a single-parent household. In middle school, his mother was first incarcerated, then again in high school. Not having known his father and with stepfather in prison, Jonathan was raised by his grandfather a migrant field worker.

He overcame his circumstances to graduate from high school in the top 10. Plus was accepted to the Prestigious Georgetown University where he walked on the Division 1 football team and started for 2 years. While at Georgetown he worked with the Alumni Association to raise Scholarship funds for future students. Jonathan ranked #1 in all money raised ($200,000) in 3 years.

Jonathan had many educators tell him that his dreams of going to Georgetown were too big. Jonathan believes that if he was able to accomplish his dreams any student can. He is passionate about helping students realize their dreams and helping educators to recognize they can help every student.


"Jonathan's message leaves a lasting impression...

Jonathan delivered stirring speeches that inspired our students to succeed in school and to pursue higher learning. Jonathan never fails to leave a lasting impression on our STUDENTS, PARENTS, and STAFF.

- Dr. Art Cavazos

Superintendent, Harlingen CISD, Harlingen, TX 

"Jonathan Medina was AWESOME.

Great great message and better delivery. Thanks for making our preseason special. Hope to have you back on the hilltop soon.

- Rob Sgarlata

Head Football Coach, Georgetown University, Washington DC

"Jonathan Medina was very inspirational...

His speech today really touched a lot of kids. They are ready to perform. They are ready to be successful. They are ready to Graduate and more importantly to go to COLLEGE.

- IDEA Academy Assistant Principal

Brownsville, TX


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