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✏️❤️ How Self Care Keeps School Teachers from Burning Out and Leaving

Apr 04, 2023

Self Care Framework

 Keeping a Teacher is so important. As I have been working with schools across the US many leaders have talked about what they have been doing to keep staff especially teachers. This framework for self-care has been taken from best practices and research nationwide. 

1 New Teacher = $20,000+ on Average recruiting, training, supporting. 

P. Pleasure

Pleasure and satisfaction ratings are very important in keeping a school, team, staff. Studies show higher levels of pleasure and satisfaction = higher performance and lower turnover. 

E. Engagement

Engagement Studies show higher levels of engagement = lower burnout and lower turnover. How can you engage your staff, school, teachers?

A. Authentic Relationships

Studies show Authentic Relationships = lower levels of burnout. Does your staff feel supported? Does your team feel connected? Do your teachers feel you are being authentic with them? Relationships are a big indicator of a teacher leaving a school. Relationships are a big indicator of a teachers continued commitment. Relationships are a big indicator of a teachers ability to help students. 

C. Clarity of Purpose

Do your teachers, staff, team feel like they are having measurable impact? Do your teachers, staff, team feel like they are having an impact on things that are not measurable? We know that teachers and educators are one of the biggest influences on the world. Even some of the best teachers can lose the clarity of purpose with the day to day task each teacher has. The reports, the extra duties, etc can take a teachers focus and clarity away from the impact they are having. How can you regularly remind them of the impact the school has made? How can you continuously show them how important they are to the success of the students?

E. Empowered

We can all feel like we are not in control. When you don't feel in control you can feel inadequate. Most industries will see a person have low levels of effectiveness before they choose to leave.

Studies have shown that Empowered Teachers = Effective Schools. 


The secret to lowering turnover and keeping your teachers on staff is simple but implementing the framework is not easy. We can help you. 

These are the secrets the nations's top leaders are using to keep staff from leaving and staying motivated. 



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