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Student Leadership Success Show Season 1 FBLA National VP Andrew

Dec 29, 2020

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Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (00:15): Leadership, leadership, leadership, success, success, success. Hi, my name is Jonathan Medina. I'm America's number one, youth motivator. I'm your teacher. I'm your coach. I'm your friend and I'm your teammate. And today we have an amazing guest. Our guest today is Andrew Fox. Just to let you all know a little about him, he's a part of FPLA future business leaders of America. He's the national Eastern region, vice president. He's the New York state president. He competes at the national level. He's been a finalist and he's also been a seven year active member. Please help me welcome our guest Andrew Fox. Hi, welcome. Welcome. How are you? Excellent. Excellent. Well, Andrew, I just told everyone about all of your amazing accomplishments. I told them how you aren't excellent, excellent leader. And you're going to give us some amazing tips today, but can you tell us how did you first get started?

Andrew FBLA National Officer (01:09): Yeah, so I first joined the organization, future business leaders of America in sixth grade of my middle school. And so we did a music boosters fundraiser for our regular school because I always like to promote and help the music club as much as I can. I loved choir and drama club, all of that. So, and another benefit of it was that I always wanted to raise the most money because then you've got the best prizes. So it was like a two for one. And so I went to go pick up everything I had sold. And one of the FPLA members was actually distributing everything. And they said, you need to join FPLA we need your fundraising skills. So I went to the first meeting, not knowing what all to expect. I was a scared little, sixth grader could barely speak at all. And I went in and was hooked on the organization as soon as I walked in. I loved it and I wanted to dive right in and learn more about the organization. So I'm seven years strong and I started out very quiet, but now I can totally public speak, give presentations all that. So I've loved every minute of my time in the organization. Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (02:15): Awesome. I absolutely love that. I love hearing how you start off early and you've gathered skills where, where you now have confidence. You can go and be on stage. You can do presentations all because you made the choice to be involved in student leadership where you you mentioned that you were nervous a little bit. Where, how can you talk about, you know, what it was like to go to that very first meeting? I know you already raising money, but you know, going into that first meeting where you're joining the club, what was that like for you? Andrew FBLA National Officer (02:40): Absolutely. So our middle school chapter and our high school chapter were combined, but there weren't very many middle schoolers. I only knew one other friend that was in the organization. So walking in was super scary, but I can remember walking from the middle school side to the high school side within our high school. And I just remember those footsteps and walking in, but my advisor was there. She opened, she greeted me with open arms, thanked me for even coming to the meeting. And as soon as I heard her voice and just her commonness and she really, she got rid of all those butterflies that were in my stomach right away. So the chaperones, the advisors, the mentors, they are always there for you. So that really, really helped me out.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (03:23): Yeah. And I think that over and over as I meet more and more student leaders for me, I was nervous to join groups or to join clubs. I didn't join until I was in seventh grade, even though in sixth grade, I saw the science, I wanted to be a part of it, but I was just too afraid to join in. So I'm glad that you joined in and I can see you have seven entire years of being involved in student leadership. That means seven years of becoming a better student leader, seven years of gaining skills, seven years ago in a competition. And to where now you get to go and represent the organization. Now, you said you you've raised a lot of funds. How have you all decided to spend some of the funds? Does that mean that you're taking a lot of kids to conference or are you donating some of that money to some special causes? Can you tell us a little bit about what it's like when you are able to raise a good amount of funds?

Andrew FBLA National Officer (04:08): Absolutely. So when it, within FPLA, in my high school chapter, we really focus on two things. When it comes to raising funds, the first being to afford conferences, the state conferences, our main priority is that where that's, where most of our focus and drive really goes towards. And then the second is towards our state charity, which changes every year. Our main fundraiser that we did was for the feeding America, we did a huge fundraiser, can drive all of that fun stuff for the organization this year, our state charity is a crisis text line. And so we've been promoting that on social media, you know, showing these resources to students across our high school, saying, you know, this year is obviously difficult for so many of us, but if you ever need anything, reach out to us, we can hook you up with, you know, a crisis text line mentor, and you can always text them and call them whatever you need. So that's where our two main focuses are when it comes to fundraiser, definitely state conferences and our state charities as well.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (05:10): Yeah. Awesome. I love that. I was heavily involved in fundraising at my university. I was one of the top fundraisers every single year to raise funds for our scholarship funds and all kinds of stuff that we did at the university level. But can you tell us about, you know, if you were to give someone a tip on how to raise funds, what would it be? One of the tips you give someone on, you know, is it making goals? Is it having big numbers, painting a big vision? What would be some of the tips that you'd give someone?

Andrew FBLA National Officer (05:37): I think the best thing you can do when it comes to fundraising is really just promote it on all different platforms between your school, your community, you know, post those flyers at your grocery stores, your local church, the bank, and across your high school as well, reach out to teachers, do email blasts, text your friends, your parents, your relatives that are even far away. And if they're coming to visit on Christmas, they can pick it up there. It really comes from all over, just do the most that you can keep promoting and spreading the word because you never know, you might think, Oh, this isn't going to work and then you try it. And then I end up, I end up working. So just try as much as you can and hope for the best.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (06:14): And I think so often people are afraid to go and ask someone. But I found I had one of my friends who I really want to go to this one conference and I ended up not going because I was fearful of asking for people to donate to me doing it. And one of my friends was like, my parents loved you. They would have definitely helped you out. And then later when I was helping a lot of other student leaders, I saw as so many parents actually would sponsor not just their child and their friends, but a multiple like tens of kids to go to conferences and things like that. So I think, you know, you guys are doing such amazing work with FPLA, I'm sure that other parents would want to sponsor maybe another kid or maybe a grandma wants to send their grandchild and things like that. But it just having that courage sometimes to ask. So I applaud you for having the courage ever since you were in sixth grade doing stuff like that. So that's awesome.

Andrew FBLA National Officer (07:02): Absolutely. It definitely works. Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (07:05): If you were to to take it away, I kind of focused in on fundraising, but in general, what would be a tip that you would give to a student leader who was just starting out

Andrew FBLA National Officer (07:13): A tip that I would give for all of you listening out there is, do not wait. I started getting involved in this organization in middle school, but I really, I started going really my freshman year. Don't wait until your sophomore and junior year get going, you know, look at the national programs that are out there, you know, community service, the fundraisers, the networking opportunities, get a social media page dedicated to your organization. If they're out there. I think just starting at a young age will either, it will further your ability to grasp onto these skills and really enhance all that you're going to take away from being involved in that student organization. Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (07:51): Yeah. And I definitely think there's so much that applies to not just your organization, but I think it helps you in school. It helps you in friendships. It helps you in relationships with your family. Could you tell us about some of the benefits of the things that you've learned in student leadership that have also applied to other parts of life?

Andrew FBLA National Officer (08:08): Absolutely. So one huge thing that everyone would ever tell you about me is that I could not public speak. I could not do it in middle school. I could not give a presentation. I use no cards. My head was always in the note cards. I did not even want to look at my peers. The after joining student leadership, I was able to participate in workshops. I was able to talk with other student leaders and just that experience in, in all of it, it really brought back this amazing opportunity for me to utilize throughout my personal life, my high school career. I'm now able to easily give presentations. I don't need to rehearse, even though I still recommend you rehearsing. But I don't need no cards and I can look at everyone directly across the room, go back and it is so useful.

Andrew FBLA National Officer (08:57): But another thing that I would say as just being able to meet people from across the country, if you have the opportunity to go to these national and state conferences as well, you get to meet people from all over. And these are honestly, these are some of my best friends that I've met. Not only working with them on state councils and state officer teams, but just friendships in general, if they're from, I live in upstate New York, but I've met people from long Island. I've met people from California, I've met people all over. So I think that is another huge advantage that you can utilize within student leadership to take back to your personal life.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (09:32): Absolutely. I completely agree. I'm a part of this one student leadership organization we've been meeting for 13 years. Even after we've are no longer, like we're all out of college now. But we had been meeting ever since we were in college and now 13 years later, we are still meeting this year was digital. But every year we get together and meet, even though we all live all different parts of the country. But we always make sure, so it's become some of my best friends. And it's all back to student leadership organization in college. And then I also would say, I have friends from the, the camps that I did in high school, or if I'm doing, I'm speaking at an event in California, I go and stay at their house or I'm in their guest rooms. Just cause I can still have those friendships, those relationships. I think they'll last you a lifetime if you, if you kind of maintain them. So I'm glad that you have great friends from all across the country. That's super awesome. It's my first memory of upstate New York is I played a football game at Colgate. Are you fairly close?

Andrew FBLA National Officer (10:31): I am like an hour from Colgate. I would say I definitely know the area. That's awesome.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (10:36): And I remember it's snowing. It was windy and one of my teammates was terrible and stole my cold gear. So I did not have like the warm type of clothes. It was a terrible experience and Colgate completely demolished us. So that wasn't fun either. But anyway now I wanted to ask, how has a coach, a mentor helped you in your development as a student leader?

Andrew FBLA National Officer (11:01): Yeah, for sure. So I joined, I ran for state office my freshman year. I did not know what to expect. I was just getting involved with the organization, but this step really allowed me to immerse myself with all that the organization truly had to offer. And my first state officer advisor, who is still my advisor on the state level today, she helped me with the organization. She mentored me to really dive into the organization even further than I already had and learn all of these different regulations and different, you know, what went on truly within the organization. And if it weren't for her, I would not be where I am today. And so really the mentors and coaches and advisors are there for you. They would not have signed up for the job if they didn't want to help the students within the organization and the leadership positions. So if you have an advisor out there always thank them for the work that they do. I could not be more thankful for mine. And you know, just really enjoy your time within the organization with your mentors.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (12:05): Yeah. And I would say, especially if they're maybe at a public score or maybe even a private schools a lot of times maybe they won't even know, they might not have known that they were going to be involved with it. And all of a sudden, you know, they, a principal says, Hey, this year you're going to be in charge of whatever club and organization. So sometimes it's something that they weren't even anticipating. And now they're trying to, you know, maybe they have someone like Andrew who's pushing them, we needed to fundraisers. And that might mean extra nights. That might mean weekends. So I definitely agree that you should definitely think your sponsors were playing a big part in your development. Now specifically you've talked about fundraising earlier. One of my things that I always talk about when I'm working with student leaders is measuring success. Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (12:49): And it's even one of the chapters in my book for student leadership. What are some things like if you were to start the year? It's about to be time when we're filming this it's right before new year's. So people start making goals and always try to think what are some specific measurements that you tried to have to rank your student leadership, to see your progress? I know you talked a lot about being a public speaker. What are some things that you specifically try to measure to make sure you're getting better as a leader?

Andrew FBLA National Officer (13:14): I think a few things that I always want to work on is my ability to communicate my ability to listen to all of the members out there when you're serving as a leader, you never should consider yourself higher than others. You are here to further the organization and really to help as many people as you can. So something that I always try to do is really communicate and reach out to as many members and chapter advisors, as I possibly can hear from them, hear what they need and how I can help them. So that's really where my goals aligned to the incoming 20, 21 year. Especially because this year has been so difficult when it comes to communication and in-person events. So I think that this is a huge part when it comes to being successful and within any student leadership organization and really trying to find those ways where you can further promote the organization and get more involvement as well. So definitely get more involved and take, make those goals because goals are a huge way to measure success. Like, as you had mentioned and set the bar high, you never know what you're going to be able to accomplish. And if you don't reach that bar, look at what you have accomplished and be proud of that, for sure. Yeah,

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (14:24): Totally. I love that setting the goal high. I do this one thing where I kind of raise students up in the air and I always talk about raising the bar on what your expectations are as a leader. Now can you tell us what would be a mistake that you would definitely tell other leaders that you must avoid? Andrew FBLA National Officer (14:40): I, like I said previously, I think just talking over others, thinking that your position means entitlement. You know, you should be proud of the work that you put in to get that, but at the end of the day, you are always there to help others because, you know, we're all people we're all in this together and we're all here to better ourselves and help our future careers. So I think that if you do have a semi high leadership position, help those above you and help those below you and help yourself as well, take all of that time that you have within that student leadership and take advantage of it and really put your best foot forward when it comes to everything you do

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (15:22): Now, you've had an awesome year. You won a, I'm guessing a campaign you're probably campaigning. You worked for it. You probably, maybe even thought about it since you first joined in sixth grade. What was it like for you when you were recognized? You know, well, how did that moment feel for you? Where were your parents who were proud, family members, friends, your advisor. Tell, tell me what that moment was like when you found out that you had won that role that you got to play.

Andrew FBLA National Officer (15:47): Yeah, so winning the national Eastern region, vice president was a huge, huge, huge success for me. I walked in my seventh grade year, I went to a state conference in New York state and I had seen the state officers up there. And so I set my bar at New York state president. I said, one day, I'm going to do that. So this past March we found out our state conference was going to be canceled and my campaign had to turn to virtual. So that was really, really tough on me because I had drummed through that since seventh grade. But moving forward in may of 2020, I won that position. So that was just a huge beacon of light. I said, all of the work that I have done these past five or six years has paid off and now I get to really help New York state FPLA and the way that I want to and have envisioned.

Andrew FBLA National Officer (16:31): But then in June I was compiling my campaign for a national insert region, vice president. And we had at the end of June, a eight hour campaign day on social media, there were guidelines that we had to follow. We compiled our websites, we compile their speeches, and then it came down to social media. And at the end of the day, my phone was at 2%. I was drained mentally from looking at the phone all day. And I sat down with my family and I said, I am proud of the work that I've done and whatever way it goes, I'm okay with it. So two days go by and we're ready for campaign day. I get home from work and I sit down with my family and we're watching the general session. And of course the results are at the end of it. So we have to wait an hour.

Andrew FBLA National Officer (17:16): But my name finally comes by with the position and my head falls to the ground. And I just start crying. My family members like, wait, aren't you happy? They were tears of joy. I, I was a loss for words. I did not know what to say. I was so, so, so thankful for all of the members and the chapters throughout the Eastern region that had believed in me, believed in my campaign. And it was just a moment of gratitude and a moment of I did this and where are we going to Eastern region? Because we're unstoppable.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (17:52): Yeah. I, I absolutely love that. And, and I love that it was such an emotional moment where you were brought to tears of joy, because such a cool moment. Now I'm going to take away that moment and ask you, you know, not counting that moment where you're crying from joy. What is another moment that has been your favorite moment while being in student leadership organizations?

Andrew FBLA National Officer (18:12): I would have to say my time at the national conference at San Antonio, Texas summer of 2019, we had our national conference there, there was 13,000 people from across the organization there. We also have international chapters too. So we had Puerto Rico, China, Austria, Hungary was there. So being able to meet these people from across the world was just an absolute eye opening experience. I got to travel back to Texas. I was in San Antonio when I was about nine years old. So going back when I was 16 was just an another memory in my book. And so it was awesome. And just being able to travel the world, meet new people, take advantage of all the resources that the organization had to offer within that week conference. It was, I'd have to say that was my favorite moment in the organization.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (19:00): Well, and you know, any moment I'm sure where you get to leave New York and come to Texas has to be a special moment, was just teasing. Cause I'm from Texas, of course. So I absolutely love San Antonio. It's one of my favorite places. And so I'm glad you got to enjoy it and, and be a part of that huge, huge conference again, with people coming from all over the world. You know? So I think one of the things, when you go to the national conference, you're not just exposed to everyone across the country, but in FPLA you all do have chapters that are from other countries. So that's one of the special things about FPLA for sure now how can people get in contact? Maybe they want to, they, they see this and they want to know more about FPLA or, or maybe they want to join your mission of helping the Eastern region, take it to a whole new level. How can they best contact you? Is it your Instagram and email? What would be the best way? Andrew FBLA National Officer (19:49): I would say the best way to contact me is through my Instagram. It is at, and it has two Xs at the end of it. That is the best way to contact me. If you want to support the Eastern region and go give us a follower, like feel free to follow us at Eastern region FPLA on Instagram. I think these are the best ways to really meet new people and contact us with any questions that you have. Social media is becoming a huge, huge, huge platform, especially during these times. And again, you get to network with people, never feel free to just shoot us a DM shoot anyone within the organization at DM. Everyone is so friendly, even across other student organizations as well. I've met people in other student leaderships and they're amazing. So never be afraid to reach out to anyone on social media, if you need more information would like to meet a new friend or anything like that. Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (20:39): Yeah. And now y'all everyone out there y'all got to mean meeting. Ah, you've got to met Andrew. So obviously you see that he's such a helpful person. So he would love I'm sure to connect with all of you guys and go follow him increase the influence that he has. Cause he's out there putting awesome things out on social media, as well as all the stuff that the Eastern region is doing. I'm sure. Now what, what are some of the things that you want to do in the future? What, what is future aspirations for you? What, what do you want to go to college? Or what kind of career are you going to have? Can you tell us about your future?

Andrew FBLA National Officer (21:11): Yeah. Right now my career in college plans are to attend a school within the business management field or a hotel administration, a major my top school right now is the Cornell hotel administration school. So we are hoping to get in there. I found out find out late March. So unfortunately I do have a long waiting time, but you know, it is my top school right now. And it has been my dream school for a long time. So that's where my college and career plans live right now.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (21:40): Awesome. Have you already, did they do an interview process with Cornell? Is it, do you, did you get to do that?

Andrew FBLA National Officer (21:45): Yeah. After you apply. So right now they were focusing on early decision applicants. And so now that's all over with, and so now they're taking a holiday break, but after the new year hopefully I'll be able to set up an interview with an alumni or current student as well. Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (22:00): Awesome. I have a bunch of friends. I just did some interviews where tomorrow I'm interviewing a gentleman who does the Yale interviews. So I'll send you some of the kind of secret tips. I do the interviews for Georgetown and I interviewed another friend that does the interviews for Georgetown. So I'm sure there's some overlap on the way we all do our interviews. So I'll send you some of those secret tips on that, but I'm sure you're already awesome. Cause you know, you've been awesome. You've been a student leadership for seven years. Now what is your favorite quote and how have you applied it to student leadership?

Andrew FBLA National Officer (22:31): So my favorite quote is procrastination is the thief of time. This is from Edward Young. I just think you should take advantage of every single minute and every single year you have within a student leadership organization, as well as your high school experience as well. This quote has meant so much to me. I wake up every morning at four 45 in the morning, get that workout in and then start my day at six 30, whether it be through emails or any high school class that I'm in college course, anything like that take advantage of every moment because you know, you don't want to be too late for something. And that, that was the thing with me. I, I never wanted to miss a deadline and I have missed a few deadlines in my life and it kills me because I, I never want to be seen as someone who is late because a favorite quote of mine that is also by my state officer advisor, is that earliest on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable. And this is huge when it comes to any major or field that you pursue in your future. So these two quotes, you know, feel free to take something from them, maybe post them on a vision board or a bulletin board or anything like that because they are two quotes that I really truly run my life by.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (23:47): Awesome. I absolutely love that. And I hope that you take those quotes with you, the rest of your life, everyone out there. And it's something that has, if I were to say some of the mistakes that I've made in the past procrastination is definitely one of the huge mistakes that I've made in the past on accomplishing some of my goals. And so you talked about your career and college aspirations. I would say coming out of high school, my number one school that I wanted to go to was U Penn. And they had an earlier deadline at the time. I think they still do, but at the time they, for sure had an earlier deadline and the other schools. And so I had kind of a certain date to fill up all my applications and I procrastinated. So I didn't get it in, in time for U Penn.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (24:26): So my number one school, I didn't even apply to because I procrastinated. And so it's one of the things that I always think is like my big moment, big mistake for me. But they also, we also played them in football and they did, they killed us also Cornell's wall. So we were terrible in college. So now this is a moment where I kind of give you the floor, Andrew. So you're going to practice some of those public speaking skills that you've learned from all the years, I'm going to put myself on the side and kind of spotlight you and then I'm gonna mute myself, but this is the moment where you get to challenge the audience. So a lot of times I cut this part out. So if you would just kind of reintroduce yourself a little bit let them know who you are. Cause I usually cut this and do and use it by itself as part of something, another product that I do. So let me put you on pen and I'm going to mute myself. 

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Andrew FBLA National Officer (25:22): Okay. Hello everyone. My name is Andrew Fox and I am a part of the organization, future business leaders of America. This is my seventh year within the organization and I currently serve as the national Eastern region vice president today. I have been invited to speak with all of you listening today about a few things that I wanted to really touch on. So the main topic of my event, or I would say presentation here today is advice for running for any type of office within a student leadership. My first, and I know this might sound cheesy. A tip is be authentic and be yourself when you're speaking to those voters and those members that are listening to your platform, they want to know the real you. And this is something huge that I have brought up across all of my platforms and my campaigns.

Andrew FBLA National Officer (26:11): I've ran for my chapter president, my state president, and now the national Eastern region VP. And so I have always been myself and I think this is a huge thing when it comes to the success that I've had. So something that I challenge you all to do is be yourself. When you take that extra step and run for a leadership position, my next tip for all of you is to set your goals and be confident in them, know what you want to do within your position and within the organization, know what you're going to do for the members, how you're going to benefit and what you're going to do for the overall student leadership organization that you're in my next tip for all of you is to compile a campaign team with whether this be your friends, your mentors, or people within the organization that are help going to help you promote your campaign and promote yourself you know, run meetings with them and make sure that all of them are on the same page when it comes to your campaign platform and what your vision is and make sure that when it comes to those campaign days, they are ready to go. Andrew FBLA National Officer (27:14): They are ready for success. And at the end of the day, thank them for all the hard work that they put in to help your campaign. My next tip for all of you is to utilize social media. I think this is a huge platform that has come up in recent years, that when it comes to campaigns and other things like that, we as a student leadership organizations across the world have really been utilizing when it comes to promoting yourself, promoting your goals and you know, things of that nature. So I think that it's huge when it comes to any type of campaign that you are going to run. One, I have two tips left for all of you. My next step is to form a memorable slogan. So I'm going to share a slogan that I used throughout a few of my campaigns and it was checked the right box vote Fox. Andrew FBLA National Officer (28:02): And then I added the leadership position there, everyone, as soon as I was up on that stage in Rochester, New York in front of a thousand individuals, everyone just started, you know, Ooh, ah, you know, what's next from this individual? When can we hear from more from him because it's something memorable it's going to stick in their heads. And when they're at that voting booth filling in your name, they're going to remember you and say, I want this kid to, you know, help our organization. So I think this is a huge part. And within your campaign, and one final tip I have for all of you is be happy with your work. Be proud of the work that you put in and know that you took that step to go for a higher position and run for office to help your organization. I think this is huge when it comes to building self-esteem when it comes to building up your public, speaking in anything you want to do within the future, because at the end of the day, as long as you put in 110% of effort and hard work and determination, whatever way the results go, you can say at the end of the day that you put in the work and you should be proud of yourself. Andrew FBLA National Officer (29:08): So I really hope that you all take that extra step, run to be a leader within your particular student leadership organizations and best of luck. I wish you all the best in the future. And thank you so much for listening. Speaker 4 (29:25): Okay.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (29:25): Awesome. Awesome. I loved all of it. That was amazing. Thank you, Andrew, for that. I definitely loved the being authentic. You started went right out the gate and talked about being authentic. And I know that's sometimes that feels so hard to do, but I think you hit it right on the nose that we need to be authentic, especially not just as you're running for leadership, but even when you gain leadership and, and really the rest of our lives, I would hope that we could all be our authentic selves and be the best leaders that we can be. And then I love the other tips that you talked about having the team and, and building that campaign team and, and everything you mentioned. I just posted if that's okay. I kind of took a little story while you were so even before this really goes live, I took a little story and posted it. But you have been an amazing guest. Is there any way that I can help you, Andrew?

Andrew FBLA National Officer (30:11): No. I think you did an amazing job. Thank you so much for having me today. If you would like to just tag me in those posts that you make in the future with those two Instagram handles that I dropped, I would love to further promote the videos that you do and anything like that. But I think we could help each other when it comes to promoting each other within our particular organizations and platforms.

Jonathan Medina "America's #1 Youth Motivator" (30:32): Yeah, absolutely. And I've made an entire channel, so I'll send you the information, but this has developed into a challenge with different groups, some from FPLA FCC, LA FFA, things like all the other awesome groups that you all are part of some amazing leaders. So I'll connect you. And if you ever see that I'm already friends with somebody that you want to connect with shoot me a message and say, Hey Jonathan, would you connect me? I would love to help you like that. But of course you don't have to wait for me. You could always just connect yourself the power of social media. So all of you guys out there go and send Andrew a message. Thank him. And thank your advisors. This is the student leadership success show. It's the show for certain leaders. But it's also driven by listening to other student leaders. So thank you so much, Andrew, for participating today, being a part of this it's my belief that you student leaders are going to go and change the world, make it better. And it's all part of being your authentic self. So thank you so much, Andrew, go and continue to lead the Eastern region and all of FPLA. And then good luck with all of your future endeavors and hopefully you get to come back to Texas sometime soon. Have a wonderful, wonderful day. Thank you, Andrew.

Andrew FBLA National Officer (31:39): Yes. Have a great evening. Bye.


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