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Winning Mindset: Why Winners never lose: Student Success : Student Leadership 3

Jan 29, 2020

Jonathan Medina “Winners never lose because they have a Winner’s Mindset”

After one of my school assemblies a student came up to me and asked me, "Can I still go to college even if I failed one of my exams?" She was only in middle school. Of course she could overcome one failed exam in middle school, but she did make me think about how winners have a different mindset than losers. Harsh words maybe, but there is a big difference between the way people THINK. 


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How to set GOALS! Lebron Method: Student Success & Student Leadership Series 1

Jan 27, 2020

Jonathan Medina "What size Dream do you have? DREAM BIG" 

As I travel the country speaking at schools as a top youth speaker to motivate students, many students ask to take selfies or the are connecting with me on instagram @jmedinaspeaks. While taking the photos or reading comments I always ask students what they want to be when they grow up. Many students look me in the eye or the message me on instragram and say they don’t know what they want to be when they...

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Prevent Bullying with School Thankfulness Challenge

Jan 27, 2020
Maybe we should do something after Thanksgiving. We give so much attention before Thanksgiving, but here is a quick Challenge you can do at a school or organization to help you prevent bullying and make happier students and teachers. 
I always try to remember to be thankful well after Thanksgiving. I am creating a social media challenge to thousands of students that follow me on Instagram @jmedinaspeaks
I first want to say Thank You for being a Leader in...
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Lessons for Student Leaders from KOBE (1978-Jan 26, 2020)

Jan 27, 2020


I am still in shock from the devastating news as a sports fan. Kobe passed away in a tragic helicopter crash this past weekend. Kobe, 1 of his daughters, and 7 others passed away in the fatal helicopter accident. I remember many moments watching him dominate games against my team (San Antonio Spurs). Kobe is of course one of the Top 10 players ever. 

I wanted to take some time to share some favorite quotes from Kobe Bryant that can help us become better Leaders. 



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